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10. Are you part-time musicians?
Not at all. This is our day job, our night job, and our weekend job. We are dedicated, full-time musicians, not weekend warriors. We can focus all our energy and attention on your special event because music is all we do.
 9. Are you going to blast us out of our seats with loud music, like so many other bands seem to do?
There is nothing like quality live music at an event. But we control the volume, knowing your guests want to talk during cocktail and dinner hours, then allow the energy to build as the evening progresses … naturally.
 8. Do you cost a lot of money?
Our money doesn't grow on trees, and neither does yours. Why pay for a DJ, or a trio, quartet or larger, when you can hire a performance that sounds like a full band, but charges a whole lot less?
 7. Do you just sing?
Musicianship is the hallmark of a good band, and Just Me 2 plays multiple instruments, in addition to singing. When we play a song, it sounds like it was meant to sound; it sounds like you remember the original hit sounded.
 6. What type of music do you play? How many songs can you do?
Just Me 2 has a seriously long song list, now over 1,300 tunes. Take a look at our Songlist page. Big Band, Jazz, Swing, Broadway, Party tunes, R&B, Doo-Wop, Classic Hits, Disco, 80s and 90s Pop, Calypso, Classic Rock, Latin, Soul, Country — you name it !
 5. Do you take a lot of breaks? Is there a lot of "dead air" while you're offstage?
We know that when you hire a live band, you want to hear as much live music as possible. We take very few breaks during the entire performance. In fact, during engagements of two hours or less, we rarely take any break. When we do, they're pretty short breaks. And when Just Me 2 takes a breather, we make sure to keep the party going with excellent pre-recorded music that your guests will enjoy.
 4. Does your clothing look professional, not just jeans and T-shirts?
Just Me 2 dresses the way you prefer us to dress, from casual tropical island-style, to business casual dress, all the way up to formal tuxedo and gown. We always blend in with your theme.
 3. Do you use a fixed playlist, or are you flexible?
The best live bands know how to read a crowd, and adjust their playlists accordingly. Just Me 2 is one of those bands, which means that we know when to fade into the background and when to work our magic to get guests out onto the dance floor. And ... we love to take requests!
 2. How do you choose what songs to play?
The live band you hire should always respect your wishes by playing songs that are in keeping with your vision of the perfect party. Just Me 2 is easy to work with because we let you take the lead. We play the music that you and your guests want to hear, not just our favorite songs. You can pick out the songs ahead of time, or, if you wish, we'll pick for you.
 1.Performing live music can be tiring. How long do you take between songs?
Now that's something we don't do: Stop playing between songs. Too much dead air between one number and the next can clear the dance floor in a hurry, which is why we tastefully transition from one song to another as smoothly and as quickly as possible.
 BONUS QUESTION: Why not a just a DJ?
Your guests are going to like that you opted for a live band over a DJ or your iPod. And they're going love that you chose Just Me 2, because we play for every guest, not just the hosts or the younger crowd. Our playlists will always include songs that appeal to a wide range of age groups and musical tastes. There's nothing quite like a live band. And, surprisingly, we're usually priced lower than a DJ and his canned music.
This page was last revised on January 5, 2021